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  • 11.11.20 barre

    grab a chair & lights weights

  • 10.7.20 cardio barre

    grab a chair, light weights (under 3lbs) & a ball. no ball? grab a small pillow or a rolled up towel.

  • 6.10.20 standing legs

    grab a chair and ankle weights, for a quick standing lower body burn

  • 9.9.20 cardio barre

    DAY 9 of the SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE! cardio meets barre. this lower body focused barre class will have you dripping in sweat & feeling the burn! grab a set of weights 3lbs or lighter and a sturdy chair.

  • 6.19.20 barre with steph

    barre with keli & steph. grab a chair, ball & light set of weights

  • 7.27.20 cardio barre

    barre meets cardio! grab a chair, light weights, booty band & ankle weights!