40-60 minute workouts

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  • 11.23.20 sculpt & burn

    grab a light set of weights and ankle weights!

  • 11.20.20 vinyasa yoga with lindsay

    1 hour vinyasa flow with lindsay! grab a set of yoga blocks for extra support and a strap (or towel)

  • 11.16.20 sculpt & burn

    grab a heavy set of weights to strengthen your entire body!

  • Beginning Pilates with Elle

    Join Elle for a beginners Pilates class! No equipment necessary.

    STOTT PILATES mind-body exercises builds on the essence and principles of the late Joseph H. Pilates' work by incorporating modern knowledge about the body. The STOTT PILATES repertoire consists of unique Preparatory, Essential, In...

  • 11.11.20 barre

    grab a chair & lights weights

  • 11.9.20 sculpt & burn

    grab a light set of weights, booty band & ankle weights.

  • 11.2.20 sculpt & burn

    grab a set of light weights & optional ankle weights for a legs and arms focused burn!

  • 10.14.20 yoga sculpt

    grab a set of weights & a yoga mat for a full body sculpt

  • 10.9.20 cardio sculpt

    put on your ankle weights & grab a light set of hand weights!

  • 10.7.20 cardio barre

    grab a chair, light weights (under 3lbs) & a ball. no ball? grab a small pillow or a rolled up towel.

  • 10.5.20 sculpt & burn

    strong arms + booty! grab a heavy set of weights (I used 8lb) and a medium booty band!

  • 9.30.20 yoga sculpt

    DAY 30 of the SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE! grab a set of weights and a booty band!

  • 9.28.20 sculpt & burn

    grab a set of medium weights (I used 5lb) & a set of ankle weights!

  • 9.25.20 sculpt & burn

    define for lean muscles & strong lines! grab a light set of weights and ankle weights.

    side note: my camera went out of focus, so it's a tiny bit blurry, but it's a GREAT class and worth it!

  • 9.21.20 sculpt & burn

    side body focused sculpt & burn. grab a set of sliders (sub with hand towels, paper plates or socks)

  • 9.18.20 sculpt & burn

    going back to basics with a slow burn! grab a set of light or medium weights and an optional booty band.

  • 9.16.20 yoga sculpt

    50 minutes of yoga sculpt + 10 minutes of mindful breathing/meditation

  • 9.14.20 slow sculpt & burn

    oblique focused full body slow sculpt. grab a light set of weights, under 3lbs, and a set of sliders. sliders can be subbed with hand towels, dryer sheets, paper plates, socks or magazine pages.

  • 9.9.20 cardio barre

    DAY 9 of the SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE! cardio meets barre. this lower body focused barre class will have you dripping in sweat & feeling the burn! grab a set of weights 3lbs or lighter and a sturdy chair.

  • 9.2.20 yoga sculpt

    DAY 2 of the SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE. Grab a set of dumbbells (I used 5lbs) and get ready to tone & flow!

  • 8.30.20 sculpt & burn

    full body 48 minute with a focus on the inner and outer thighs

  • 8.26.20 sculpt & burn

    45 minute full body sculpt with NO EQUIPMENT!

    ***disclaimer: there was construction going on & yard work going on so sound is a little whack***

  • 8.25.20 sculpt & flow

    body weight flow perfect to calm your nervous system & get in a low impact sweat

  • 8.21.20 cardio sculpt

    full body cardio sculpt with lots of lower body & back! grab a slider (hand towel, paper plate or dryer sheet) some weights and a booty band. this class can be done with absolutely no equipment!