sculpt & burn

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  • 11.23.20 sculpt & burn

    grab a light set of weights and ankle weights!

  • 11.18.20 no equipment sculpt & burn

    full body sculpt & burn with no equipment

  • 11.16.20 sculpt & burn

    grab a heavy set of weights to strengthen your entire body!

  • 11.9.20 sculpt & burn

    grab a light set of weights, booty band & ankle weights.

  • 11.2.20 sculpt & burn

    grab a set of light weights & optional ankle weights for a legs and arms focused burn!

  • 10.16.20 sculpt & burn

    tone your arms & booty with with 37 minute sculpt! grab some light weights (under 3lbs) and optional ankle weights!

  • 10.12.20 sculpt & burn

    grab a set of medium to heavy weights & a booty band for a full body 30 minute burn!

  • 10.5.20 sculpt & burn

    strong arms + booty! grab a heavy set of weights (I used 8lb) and a medium booty band!

  • 9.28.20 sculpt & burn

    grab a set of medium weights (I used 5lb) & a set of ankle weights!

  • 9.25.20 sculpt & burn

    define for lean muscles & strong lines! grab a light set of weights and ankle weights.

    side note: my camera went out of focus, so it's a tiny bit blurry, but it's a GREAT class and worth it!

  • 9.21.20 sculpt & burn

    side body focused sculpt & burn. grab a set of sliders (sub with hand towels, paper plates or socks)

  • 9.18.20 sculpt & burn

    going back to basics with a slow burn! grab a set of light or medium weights and an optional booty band.

  • 9.14.20 slow sculpt & burn

    oblique focused full body slow sculpt. grab a light set of weights, under 3lbs, and a set of sliders. sliders can be subbed with hand towels, dryer sheets, paper plates, socks or magazine pages.

  • 8.30.20 sculpt & burn

    full body 48 minute with a focus on the inner and outer thighs

  • 8.28.20 full body quickie

    full body 20 minute sculpt & burn! no equipment necessary!

  • 8.26.20 sculpt & burn

    45 minute full body sculpt with NO EQUIPMENT!

    ***disclaimer: there was construction going on & yard work going on so sound is a little whack***

  • 8.21.20 cardio sculpt

    full body cardio sculpt with lots of lower body & back! grab a slider (hand towel, paper plate or dryer sheet) some weights and a booty band. this class can be done with absolutely no equipment!

  • 8.24.20 sculpt & burn express

    30 minute full body MAT BASED sculpt & burn! optional 3lb weights & a light to medium booty band.

  • 8.17.20 sculpt & burn

  • 8.12.20 sculpt & burn

    level up your sculpt & burn! grab light weights & ankle weights.

  • 8.7.20 ring of fiyyyah!

    full body with a pilates ring (you can sub with a pillow or ball). play your own playlist or enjoy the sounds of the ocean!

  • 8.4.20 sculpt & burn

    intro to sculpt & burn! learn the basics and get used to the movements. all props are optional: 3lb weights, booty band & ankle weights.

  • 8.3.20 sculpt & burn

    head to toe sculpt with a booty band, light weights & ankle weights to level up!

  • 6.17.20 sculpt & burn

    lower body & arms. grab a light set of weights and a booty band!