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  • 7.9.23 cardio sculpt (low impact)


    grab a heavy set of weights & a booty band

    note: Keli is 27 weeks pregnant
    recomended playlist:

  • 8.24.22 cardio sculpt

    FOLLOW ALONG SCULPT. No cueing, just music and vibes. grab. a set of weights and a booty band.

  • 8.12.22 sculpt & burn

    FOLLOW ALONG WITH LOUD MUSIC AND NO VERBAL CUES. Let yourself get lost in the music and listen for the *BEEP* when it’s time to switch moves.

    grab a set of ankle weights and 3LB or less hand weights

  • 7.27.22 sculpt & burn

    grab a set or two of weights and ankle weights

  • 7.20.22 sculpt & burn

    grab a booty band and weights

  • 7.13.22 box burn

    grab a box, bench or coffee table as well as a booty band and heavy weights for an elevated sculpt

    suggested playlist:

  • 6.15.22 sculpt & burn

    Grab a set of medium weights and ankle weights

  • pilates abs with elle

    grab an optional pair of light weights and a theraband for a quick pilates ab class with elle

  • 6.22.22 cardio sculpt

    Grab a booty band and light weights for a 30 minute cardio + fine toning sculpt

    Suggested playlist, via sculptandburn on Spotify

  • 6.1.22 sculpt & burn

    SCULPT & BURN ONLINE STUDIO TURNS 2! Grab a set of light weights and ankle weights for a quick and classic sculpt & burn

  • quickie arms & abs 6.8.22

    Grab a set of weights for 20 minutes of abs and arms